2015 Makeup Masterclass Mombasa
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2015 Makeup Masterclass Mombasa

Always learning, always challenging herself and most importantly always eager to help others.
Khyati has given several workshops on makeup and hairstyles to over thousands of students in three years.

She held a masterclass in Mombasa whereby people turned up in hundreds.

Are you an established hair artist who is looking to learn from a pioneer in the industry? Learn how to create elaborate, impressive and stylish updo’s and down do’s… Many hair artists struggle with creating a stylish up do that at the same time needs to hold the dupatta and jewellery in place.Learn how to avoid the classic mistakes that many hair artists make.


Do you want to be a successful makeup artist?
I am so excited to launch my newest program in 2016 for aspiring makeup artists. While I have always done my workshops teaching young girls and women how to do their own makeup, over the last three years, there has been an ongoing request for me to offer comprehensive and professional makeup masterclass that would give women the foundation, skills and experience they need to succeed in this fast growing and evolving industry.

Stay updated with my news blog coming up soon for all the latest trends that I will be teaching.

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